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Nice Cuffs, check in the Men's section $220

Goldman Sachs Inc. Millennials Report.


Revelers.IO is an online magazine for millennials similar to the - though more heavily targeted at an audience which enjoys (in moderation of course) spirits and beer, marijuana, who attend concerts and who generally speaking - stay out til the cows come home.

Presented in 'channels,' the topics our writers cover in our weekly newsletter and online magazine are spirits & beer, smoking & vaping, sex & dating, music reviews (including techno), bikini of the day (no man-kinis), video of the day, bar and restaurant reviews, concerts & events, technology and more.   

"One of the largest generations in history is about to move into its prime spending and partying years - with both the funds and desire to look right past more traditional lower-cost breweries. Millennials are poised to reshape the economy and their unique experiences will change the ways "vice" companies advertise, forcing companies to examine how they do business for decades to come." Revelers was built for these Revelers, by Revelers.

As much as we have enjoyed them, the "taste great, less filling" television ads of the past, are rapidly becoming a nostalgic way to reach millennials. We are here to guide these consumers to the best of the breed of everything - related to fun and REVELRY. 

In addition to the Revelers.IO online magazine, we are also building out the Revelers Social Club, a Facebook type site for Revelers. Not for Grandmothers (yes we love our Grandmother, but she's not allowed) the social network will be private and member controlled. As in you have to know somebody, to join.

It is also the first online social media network with an actual membership card, which will enable members entry into private Revelers sponsored events and discounts to public Revelers sponsored events as well as member-only discounts on vice-related products and services.

We are also fine-tuning our Revelers.IO App, similar (if not near identical) to Tinder - though not a "dating" app, it will be packed with fellow Revelers and an easy way for Revelers to find someone they can call "one-of-us."

Our ultimate mission to create and connect the largest assembly of Revelers known to man. A force to be reckoned with. Together, we may even change a few laws, though not drinking and driving. Revelers never drink and drive, we UBER.

And yes, our editorial staff is allowed to drink and smoke (vape) on the job, in moderation of course.